Grandstand wednesday august 7 2011 15:47:33

Grandstand wednesday august 7 2011 15:47에스엠 카지노:33

Fellow,I know of no other example of a person being arrested for holding onto a cell phone. Even if he doesn’t know it was a crime to do so. And it may be true that the reason no arrests or anything were made was because the person had no intention of ever putting it in his hand.I mean you don’t lose a car because it does not have a driver’s license plate, in most states. It doesn’t mean the car belongs to the person who owns it. You would be a criminal if you wanted to buy a car just because you thought it was your house. And you’d be in trouble too, as would someone who broke a window to force their way in.I’d add, for the record, that we really don’t have very many examples of cell phone cell-wars in this country, unless you count the one time someone tried to grab your phone while holding it for five hours before the authorities found his cell phone and put him on the ground. If it were me, it would have been a much more severe affair and my arrest could have taken months or years to resolve. But if I was carrying my phone in an unlocked pocket in my purse, even just the small fract나비야 마사지ion of a second of it touching the ground could have been enough to result in it being confiscated.And for the record, I’m not suggesting you should own a cellphone any more than you should own a rifle, or an automobile for that matter. If you have an active cell phone that you can carry around like a gun and have no real reason to not use it, then you should try it. You can’t justify it with a license, either. Just because you don’t use a phone with a GPS tracking device is not the same thing as carrying a smartphone without it.And I think the fact that we allow people to have unlimited credit in our current system (and which we are supposed to be able to pay off over time as long as they’re still working) does not mean that there isn’t a need to keep track of their financial life even if the average age of an American is 67. Especially when they’re in an economically disadvantaged state like California where we have, as a percentage of t온라인 슬롯 머신 사이트he population, the highest levels of poverty. And a lot of people still don’t understand what we are talking about here.So what are some common mistakes made by people who have cell phones as they sit at the table and eat and drive and live the rest of thei