Union heavyweight warns labor of ‘electoral suicide’ if Trump wins

Union heavyweight warns labor of ‘electoral suicide’ if Trump wins

Sen. Bernie Sanders said that the labor movement should be “very nervous” about Donald Trump, who has said he could win an electoral 영주안마landslide if he ran against Clinton. | Getty Bernie Sanders: Trump could elect many more than GOP could

Bernie Sanders said Monday that if he were elected president as an independent, he would fight to elect Democrats as much as Republicans in the fall, calling the GOP “probably the most electable party” in the country.

“What the Republican Party is doing is going to get even worse when the Republican president-elect comes into office because there’s a lot of people who, if he is elected, will go on to win,” Sanders told NBC’s Chuck Todd. “But at the same time the Republicans are going to be the party of big government, big-business tra공주출장마사지de and immigration policies, and of the most protectionist trade policy ever of any major country on earth, which is NAFTA. It’s devastating to the poor and working people.”

The Democratic Party, Sanders said, is an issue in which Democrats in “vast numbers” are opposed.

“What the Republican party has done is build the greatest corporate concentration of wealth and economic power in the history of the world and will be even worse if Trump is elected전립선,” Sanders said. “To what extent does the union movement want to be involved in that process?”

He added that he could see Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign “giving a lot of effort” to challenging Trump.

“I believe she’ll win,” Sanders said of Clinton’s candidacy. “I would expect Hillary Clinton to be the most formidable opponent. I believe it should be possible. It is probably the most electable. It is probably the one in which people of the left, I suspect, can participate in a campaign.”

He said it might be “very difficult” to defeat Trump in a primary and then beat him if he becomes the GOP nominee.

“There will be a lot of people in that campaign who believe — who may not like Clinton but would certainly like to have her in the White House, believe that she’s probably going to be a more competent, more experienced president than Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “I don’t know that it’s going to be possible but that’s what happens when you’ve got people voting for the candidate who they think is going to win. The right choice is going to be the candidate who they believe will be the most electable.”