Union heavyweight warns labor of ‘electoral suicide’ if Trump wins

Union heavyweight warns labor of ‘electoral suicide’ if Trump wins

Sen. Bernie Sanders said that the labor movement should be “very nervous” about Donald Trump, who has said he could win an electoral 영주안마landslide if he ran against Clinton. | Getty Bernie Sanders: Trump could elect many more than GOP could

Bernie Sanders said Monday that if he were elected president as an independent, he would fight to elect Democrats as much as Republicans in the fall, calling the GOP “probably the most electable party” in the country.

“What the Republican Party is doing is going to get even worse when the Republican president-elect comes into office because there’s a lot of people who, if he is elected, will go on to win,” Sanders told NBC’s Chuck Todd. “But at the same time the Republicans are going to be the party of big government, big-business tra공주출장마사지de and immigration policies, and of the most protectionist trade policy ever of any major country on earth, which is NAFTA. It’s devastating to the poor and working people.”

The Democratic Party, Sanders said, is an issue in which Democrats in “vast numbers” are opposed.

“What the Republican party has done is build the greatest corporate concentration of wealth and economic power in the history of the world and will be even worse if Trump is elected전립선,” Sanders said. “To what extent does the union movement want to be involved in that process?”

He added that he could see Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign “giving a lot of effort” to challenging Trump.

“I believe she’ll win,” Sanders said of Clinton’s candidacy. “I would expect Hillary Clinton to be the most formidable opponent. I believe it should be possible. It is probably the most electable. It is probably the one in which people of the left, I suspect, can participate in a campaign.”

He said it might be “very difficult” to defeat Trump in a primary and then beat him if he becomes the GOP nominee.

“There will be a lot of people in that campaign who believe — who may not like Clinton but would certainly like to have her in the White House, believe that she’s probably going to be a more competent, more experienced president than Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “I don’t know that it’s going to be possible but that’s what happens when you’ve got people voting for the candidate who they think is going to win. The right choice is going to be the candidate who they believe will be the most electable.”


Residents worry youth gang problem intensifying

Residents worry youth gang problem intensifying


SARASOTA COASTAL – With the number of young men who have turned up in the area around downtown Sarasota is still rising.

A police report s카지노커뮤니티hows the numbe영주출장안마r of violent teens in the area has increased since the arrival of hundreds of teenagers who have returned to downtown from North Side neighborhoods.

Police are warning that the situation may take a turn for the worse as residents are not as supportive of them.

That anger can make it hard for officers to find a solution when it comes to the problem, officials said.

That anger comes from many of the same areas, officials said. A large part of it comes from a high number of gang members who turned up in the area in recent years.

Many are repeat offenders, some of whom have also turned up in the area around downtown Sarasota to try to get to their families or jobs there.

In some cases, some of them don’t have the money to pay for court appearances 룰렛for themselves and their relatives.

So many have done so that Sarasota police are now working with the public on how they can go about combating gang crime.

A coalition of organizations is working to help police catch the criminals who might be in the area. The effort includes a pilot program on how to find violent teens and keep them off the streets.

Those who would be targeted are young males and teens with criminal history who have been arrested at least three times.

The police report shows some of the arrests in 2013:

At least 10 kids were charged in connection with robberies at banks, homes or restaurants, including the same number in 2009

At least five young men who had already been arrested in 2008 for armed robberies at businesses and homes were charged in connection with the same bank robbery in 2012

Three young men turned themselves in and were found with guns last fall in connection with a multi-vehicle robbery near the intersection of Main and Lacey streets

“We have heard from the community in that they believe gang members come to areas of the city to join and to gather and to get the opportunity to join a gang,” said Joe Straczynski, chief of homicide division of the Sarasota Police Department.

He said the officers with the unit called the police chief to make sure there are many more officers patrolling downtown.

Police hope to begin seeing officers patrolling the street in the neighborhood next month.

For now, many people are happ

South african cyril ramaphosa promises to speed up land reform across Africa by moving away from agriculture

South african cyril ramaphosa promises to speed up land reform across Africa by moving away from agriculture.

“These lands are very precious to Africans and will be the main battleground for land reform,” Ramaphosa says. The new policy is expected to start in 2018.

The minister is a former prime minister of southern Ghana, before being elected to his current position in 2009. He says that he’s ready to use the African National Congress to fight for land reform at the continent’s heart.

“Our party has been supporting people in Ghana who are fighting for land reform across Africa. We think it is possible to achieve what Ghana has been trying to achieve,” he says.

Ramaphosa구미안마, who was elected to Parliament in February for four terms, won a number of new seats in Ghana last October after Ghana won a majority government for the first time since 1958. His party is now expected to win at least 40 out of 90 seats in Ghana’s parliament for next year’s legislative election.

His party is opposed to the African Union’s decision to launch a separate mission to boost regional land reform. Ghana has been one of Africa’s poorest countries before this mission and it has been criticised for its lack of attention to this subject.

The minister says African nations should also ta코인 카지노ke steps toward African governance on their own. For instance, Sout바카라 사이트h Africa already implements some land redistribution initiatives but South African president Jacob Zuma continues to insist that the plan will have no effect.

Broncos james gavet accepts three week ban for shoulder charge

Broncos james gavet accepts three week ban for shoulder charge

Broncos rookie receiver Tyler Lockett was fined $15,000 by the league for an illegal hand to knee that occurred in the first half of Denver’s loss to Kansas City on Monday night, according to the NFL.

Lockett’s play was in question when he was in motion to his left before falling to the ground in the end zone on a 10-yard touchdown catch.

Locker was able to roll his shoulder around the quarterback and grab his arm after the fumble, but a replay ruled that he had his hand on Lockett’s shoulder when he landed.

But Lockett was fined $15,000 after the league announced that it would revoke his appeal. The Broncos were hoping that he could avoid the fine by playing in Sunday’s divisional playoff game against the Texans. Lockett will take the league’s full $15,000 fine.

Lockett was also fined $8,000 for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a team-wide $100,000 fine for 온라인 바카라his actions.

Editor’s Picks NFL fine drops Browns punter Kevin Faulk Kevin Faulk — who is now suspended for the entire 2014 season — took to the field for three snaps before being eject청주출장마사지ed and replaced by Josh McCown in favor of Matt Hasselbeck. A fourth preseason game is set for Aug. 24 against New Orleans.

“We took the opportunity to fine our players and they will understand that it does have an impact on their performance on the field,” the league said in a statement. “However, the NFL remains committed to supporting the integrity and integrity of football.”

Lockett was also fined for taking a “nonchalant” hit from a Kansas City safety that caused Lockett to slip to the ground and hit his head on the turf 007카지노before falling back to the ground after the second impact on the field.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said he was disappointed with Lockett’s actions.

“He got to know what it takes to not hit players, especially on a high level,” Kubiak said. “He got to know what was happening and I’m not sure he could understand and he should have taken a different tack when he saw [the contact]. When he saw that it was happening, he couldn’t believe it and it was hard for me to believe but as time goes on you get used to it because you start to get more comfortable and he did take it to heart in terms of what he was doing on the sideline that he shouldn’

Two faces of the ‘dark cloud’ is the ‘dark’ of the ‘dark web’ being that the security aspect of the internet is not the only thing about it that is ‘dark’

Two faces of the ‘dark cloud’ is the ‘dark’ of the ‘dark web’ being that the security aspect of the internet is not the only thing about it that is ‘dark’. There are also some people that use the internet without using Tor for privacy or anonymity. This article will try to look at these different issues. This is not meant to be a definitive list of these issues but just trying to get you oriented and경주출장마사지 see where we can see wha영천안마t is out there.

How to get into the dark web

There are some different methods of getting into dark web. If you have an account you can get into the dark web using a number of different methods. Below is some information on how to get into the dark web using various methods. If you are unable to download the site, you are out of luck, there is no way to access the site without first buying a ticket on a system which costs about 200USD. If you do not have access to your server then you need to connect to it through another proxy or download another site using a third party service. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of dark web methods, but just the basic ones you need to understand how the dark web works.

What we mean to say here is that the dark web is not a ‘new’ way of connecting to the internet, it is the exact opposite of that and that is why people keep telling us it is the ‘oldest, ugliest, scariest, and most vile web.’ This makes the dark web as dangerous as the dark web, that it can be ac예스 카지노cessed by people with bad motives. If I wanted to do my thing online, which is completely legal, I would try to do it on a legitimate site which pays a decent price. The internet should be open to everyone but that is not the case. I would not want to pay for my site to be down just because I tried to do something on the dark web.

What you will find from these dark web websites is that there is a small market in the dark web where there is usually an element of scammy or illegal activities involved. Most of these fake websites offer ‘free’ content, which does have value and can be used to fund your next illegal activity, but that is not the whole story. These sites are designed to keep the ‘dark’ aspect in mind and some of these sites make you want to break the law because of the high security, or lack thereof. There are websites that are all over th

Carlisle assault victim speaks out – BBC News

Carlisle assault victim speaks out – BBC News

Cap도박e Town – A Cape Town lawyer is defending the wife of a violent rape victim who was brutally assaulted by her ex-boyfriend and then jailed.

Karen Hodge was not in court for the sentencing, but her defence counsel, David James, said that the defence “doesn’t feel that sentence should take place” and that her husband’s defence would seek to change the date of sentencing, which was postponed last night.

Karen Hodge said during the hearing that her husband was not sexually aggressive towards her and that she was subjected to “the most degrading things she has ever endured”.

She said that while she was sexually assaulted, her husband was never “sexually aggressive” towards her and that she had not reported the abuse at the time.

According to testimony, on the morning of 28 January 2007, she went to pick up her car outside her home in the city’s North End.

Mr James also told the court the defendant said: “Karen, you’re being a bit rude. We can’t see anything. We’re not supposed to see it… It’s your own fault.”

When the car arrived at a gas station in the city, police said the defendant pun나비야 마사지ched and kicked her repeatedly and her mother called the police.

She left and returned and her mother confronted her, but Hodge was unable to walk her across the street because of bruises to her neck and shoulders.

She told the court that her ex-boyfriend kicked her but it was then she told her mother how she had been attacked and the family were driven home.

When she arrived home, she found her husband sitting on the couch and her arm, and a knife in her possession. Hodge was also raped when they drove home.

She also alleged the defendant had threatened to kill her husband if she told anyone about the assault and that the couple had become separated.

The court heard Hodge told the court she was in “an uncontrollable rage” because she was abused and she had “never been attacked like this”.

The defendant was convicted of aggravated battery, but he was given life sentences.

The prosecution said the offenm카지노ce would be dealt with with the full weight of the law.

Speaking outside court Hodge said: “My partner raped me and he was not ever interested in getting it over with because it was such an enormous pain in the ass.

“I have lived through so much and ther

Excitement builds in brisbane for liverpool showdown with roar to follow

Excitement builds in brisbane for liverpool showdown with roar to followXO 카지노

• Reds in the thick of포항안마 it: How the players see the new season

• Who is out for the liverpool games? A look at how all the main menSM 카지노 are doing

Safe food chief wants review of gm food safety standards

Safe food chief wants review of gm food safety standards

Sugar: The new standard will mean people could eat up to 50g each of sugar

Drunk: Gourmet cafe owner, Tony Woodhouse, is accused of putting customers in danger as alcohol was found in his drinks

But Dr Andrew Davies, from the British Heart Foundati우리 카지노on, said: ‘There is no excuse to allow this to continue to happen.’

Meanwhile in the USA, the Health and Human Services Department has released guidelines which 수원출장마사지allow doctors to allow alcohol at private home visits.

Dr Davis said: ‘The new guidance is good news for those struggling to keep up with the lates로투스 홀짝t food and drink regulations in the UK.’

In the UK the average drink on a UK day costs £3.43, according to the Office of National Statistics.